Here you’ll find some photos taken during the course of fieldwork and depicting life in the field.

Reticulated giraffe Reticulated giraffe         Waterbuck Waterbuck         Plains zebra Plains zebra         Buffalo Buffalo         Cheetah Cheetah         Eland bull Eland bull         Watering hole Watering hole         Giraffes Giraffes            Wild dogs Wild dogs         Thomson's gazelles Thomson's gazelles        Giraffe Giraffe        Cheetahs with impala kill Cheetahs with impala kill        Cheetah Cheetah        Lioness Lioness        Young lion Young lion        Grevy's zebra Grevy's zebra        Zebra fight Zebra fight       Black-backed jackal Black-backed jackal       Plains zebras Plains zebras       Morani Morani      Grevy's zebra Grevy's zebra   Jackal versus vultures Jackal versus vultures  Elephant Elephant  Warthogs Warthogs  Cheetah cub Cheetah cub  Cheetahs Cheetahs  Zebra foal Zebra foal  Black rhinos Black rhinos  Giraffe Giraffe  Ochre bush squirrel Ochre bush squirrel